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Lifting Straps

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Feel ready to raise the bar time and time again with our collection of lifting straps and wrist wraps. Durable and built for performance, our lifting straps help get you that bit closer to achieving your next PB. Designed to keep you comfortable and supported, they can help reduce grip fatigue while our wrist wraps provide added support, keeping your wrists secure through every push and pull.

6 Products
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    Lifting Straps & Wrist Wraps

    Lifting Straps

    Gymshark lifting straps can help you step up to the bar with confidence, by relieving some of the tension caused by gripping the bar during heavy lifts. Whether you’re a passionate lifter or professional bodybuilder, a lifting strap can help you can lift heavier; perfect for pushing yourself that extra 1%. 

    Lifting straps are a type of weightlifting accessory that wrap around both your wrist and the weight you’re lifting to help reduce grip fatigue. This is because they take some of the pressure off grip, and exertion off the forearm muscles – so you can put the maximum effort into the muscles you want to work.

    This is especially useful as you start to increase the weight you lift, as enhanced grip and support can help to reduce the risk of injury. A lifting strap is the perfect accompaniment to your pull day, as they can be used with deadlifts or rows. 

    Lifting heavy is never easy, but that doesn’t mean it should be un-necessarily uncomfortable. Throughout our range, you’ll find features such as wrist padding for added comfort, and durable fabrics that are made to fail with you time and time again…until you don’t.

    How to use lifting straps 

    To use a lifting strap, loop the strap both around your hand and wrist and then around the weight or bar, and ensure its securely pulled. Then lift as you would usually, just with extra support.

    Wrist Wraps

    Our wrist wraps offer the support we all need from time to time, to see us through those important big lifts. Wrist wraps are a lifting accessory that wraps around the wrist and is usually secured by Velcro. They offer support, stabilization and correct wrist placement when lifting, helping you to avoid injury.

    Our wrist wraps are designed to be used time and time again, with durable and high-stretch fabrics. Whilst Velcro fastenings allow you to customize your wrist support as you need it.

    How to use wrist wraps

    Place your thumb through the elasticated thumbholes to keep the strap in place, and then wrap the rest of the material around your wrist, securing it with the Velcro at the end. The wrist wrap should feel secure, but not so tight that it restricts movement.

    For additional support during your workout, take a look at our Lifting Gloves. Lifting gloves are a popular accessory that add grip to your lifts and help to protect from calluses.