Women's Gym Leggings

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Our Women's Gym Leggings are designed to make you feel your most confident and help you perform to your maximum. Made with the latest technology and breathable, sweat-wicking materials, our gym leggings have comfort covered - no matter how intense the workout!

With a range of cuts and colourways available, our high quality workout leggings will inspire you to perform at your best.

What Type Of Leggings Are Best For Working Out?

All of our women's gym leggings are designed for an optimal work out, whether you're running, lifting weights or training for mobility.

Ultimately, the best leggings for working out are a personal choice - and we're confident any Gymshark gym legging you choose will provide comfort and freedom of movement for your workouts.

If we had to recommend the best leggings for working out, we'd suggest our Seamless Gym Leggings. The performance-focused design and supportive materials, mean that Seamless Leggings are crafted to suit any workout.

Which Gym Leggings Are Most Flattering?

The most flattering gym leggings depend on a lot of things, including your body shape and size, the type of workout you're doing and personal preference. Our High-Waisted Gym Leggings are a popular choice with our community, as they are breathable, designed to support you as you work out and flatter your physique.

How To Style Gym Leggings

Whether you're hitting the gym, or going for a sportswear inspired look for a lunch date with friends, there are so many ways to style gym leggings. Stay cool when you workout with a Crop Top, or throw-it-back to a 90s inspired streetwear look with an oversized sweatshirt.

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