Women's Gym Leggings

Gym Leggings For Women

Seamless or high-waisted, cropped or squat-proof, all Gymshark gym leggings are designed to make you feel your most confident and perform to your maximum.

Gym leggings designed to inspire

Gymshark takes women's gym leggings to another level. With designs guaranteed to impress and flatter your physique, pick from super-supportive high waisted leggings or ridiculously comfy cropped leggings; knowing that each-and-every style has been created to inspire you to perform at your best. Then, work out in the best pair of leggings suited to your training, set your mind on your goals and perform at your best knowing that you’re fully supported.

Gym leggings tailored to your activity

We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to our bodies. Why should your gym leggings be any different? Available in a wide range of fits and styles, our gym leggings are designed so you can tailor your workout wardrobe for different workouts, sports and exercises.

Gymshark leggings might just be your most comfortable workout wear yet, but we strive for more than just comfortable. We’ve tailored our gym leggings to provide key features that help you perform in different ways. Whether it’s squat-proof material for your gym leggings, seamless technologies or sweat-wicking mesh to help you keep your cool, we’ve thought of everything.

Going for a run? We’ve got leggings with mesh panels for ventilation and even pockets for your keys and phone (check out our full collection of running clothes - you can thank us later).

Lifting? Squat as much as you like – we’ve literally got you covered with our squat proof gym leggings.

Whether you're running, squatting, cycling, stretching or anything else, our women's gym leggings will support you to take on any challenge. Pair with a matching sports bra or crop top and show off all your hard work. Be inspired. Stay supported. Workout feeling and looking your best with Gymshark.

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