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    Men's Stringers & Stringer Vests

    Men’s gym stringers

    Explore our collection of men’s gym stringers in a huge range of styles. From classic fits to modern twists, our gym stringers are both practical and stylish, allowing you to move freely whilst you workout and also look your best.

    A bodybuilding classic and wardrobe staple - the stringer is the ultimate workout companion for anyone looking to put on some serious size. From tapered stringers to slim fit stringers that enhance your physique, you can choose from our range of collections or mix and match between them all depending on your mood.

    Which gym stringer is best for me?

    Legacy takes it back to where it all started, homing in on that classic bodybuilding design with graphics such as the revamped original Gymshark logo. Sweat-wicking fabrics combined with durable soft materials and the old school bodybuilding stringer design make Legacy the perfect range for an authentic lifting look.

    Critical is the reliable item at the very core of your wardrobe, with a liberating cut and elastane blend, this classic stringer cut is durable enough to be comfortable through every rep. Enabling you to perform at your best with minimal distractions.

    Bold allows you to wear bold train big, this loud and proud gym stringer is made with a cotton and elastane blend for breathability and flexibility. While the Apollo stringer combines comfort with functionality for a stringer that’s perfect for working out and chilling out.

    What is a stringer vest?

    A stringer vest or stringer tank is a classic piece of bodybuilding clothing. It gets its name from the thin straps, alike to string, that run over the shoulders and have either a Y or T design that emphasises both the arm, back and shoulder muscles.

    The stringer has become a staple in the bodybuilding community as its design offers both functionality and physique accentuations. The thin racerback straps allow lifters full freedom of movement whilst showing off the muscles they work so hard for.

    Why do people wear stringer vests?

    The gym stringer is designed to complement the physique whilst maximising hard work. It’s form fitting design and racerback straps allows you to show off the muscles that they work for. Whilst also allowing you to see that muscles such as the shoulders, arms and back are being worked correctly as you train.

    The stringer vests design offers full freedom of movement for every curl, press and row, as you’re not restricted by tight clothing around muscles and joints. While sweat-wicking materials draw moisture away from the skin and the drop armhole allows for circulation of air, helping to keep you cool throughout your workout.

    How to style gym stringers

    Stringer tank tops can be worn with either joggers or Shorts, it all depends on what you feel most comfortable and confident in. You could even cover it with one of our pump cover for a big reveal of your muscles when you’re warmed up.