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5 Inch Shorts for Men

Men’s 5 inch shorts

Explore our collection of 5” gym and workout shorts and enjoy effortless style and freedom of movement. 5 inch gym shorts are the perfect length for showing off your leg gains and allowing you to move smoothly throughout your workout. Trendy and comfortable enough to wear both in and out of the gym, our selection of 5 inch shorts for men will have you feeling great from the squat rack to the sofa.

Designed to support you rep after rep and step after step, check out our arrival 5” workout shorts which are a training essential and have features such as sweat wicking materials and elasticated waistbands to keep you comfortable, secure, and free of distractions. Our Sport range gives you a little more, with added features such as reflective logos and patterned designs, whilst Apex helps to keep you at the top of your game.

If you’re looking for the perfect 5” gym shorts for lifting, then Power might just be the collection you need to power through a new PB. 5” shorts also make great running shorts, as they stay light and minimal whilst also providing moderate coverage.

What are 5 inch shorts?

5” shorts have an in-seam of 5 inches, which is where the name comes from. This makes them a relatively short-short as they sit around the mid thigh. They are a super casual looking short that can be worn from an intense workout to running daily errands, and their length also makes them great for showing off your leg day gains. Some even call them hoochie daddy shorts.

What is the difference between 5”, 7” shorts and 3” shorts?

5 inch shorts have an in-seam that is 2 inches shorter than 7 inch shorts, so where 7” shorts usually sit just above the knee, 5 inch shorts sit around the mid-thigh. Alternatively, 3” shorts have an in-seam that is shorter than 5” shorts, so they usually sit on the upper thigh. Which one you choose to wear is all down to what makes you feel most comfortable and confident.

What to wear with 5” shorts.

Whether you’re running, lifting or enjoying a rest day, our 5 inch shorts always pair perfectly with a t-shirt and a hoodie over the top. During those sweaty workouts, you might opt for a stringer or tank to keep you cool.

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