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High Waisted

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Reach new heights of performance, comfort and confidence with our high waisted gym leggings. Designed to provide superior support and a figure-flattering fit, these leggings take your workouts and rest day 'fits to a whole new level. Choose from our range of colours, cuts, quality materials and innovative designs, and rest assured that both your fitness and your activewear game will be on point.

123 Products
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    High Waisted Leggings for Women

    Women's High Waisted Gym Leggings

    Perfect for taking you from an intense workout session to brunch with friends, most of our stylish high waisted gym leggings come with an elasticated or ribbed waistband, which offers a sculpting effect, enhancing that post workout pump.

    Gymshark High waisted gym leggings have been crafted with your performance and endurance in mind. With a variety of technologies such as seamless design for a distraction-free workout, sweat-wicking finishes to keep you cooler and dry, pockets for convenience, and carefully selected materials that offer support, stretch and breathability. Our high waisted gym leggings are ultra-comfy and make for the perfect casual look outside the gym too.

    What are high waisted leggings?

    High waisted leggings and high-waisted gym leggings, aka high-rise leggings, are made to fit above the navel to create an ultra-flattering fit. The shape of the leggings gives complements your silhouette whilst the high sitting waistbands offer support and keep you snug.

    High waisted leggings for the gym

    Our leggings are designed to help you smash goals in the gym whilst looking and feeling your very best.

    Our seamless high waisted leggings offer flexibility and freedom of movement to support you through every squat, run or spin class. With smooth material hugging you whilst the elasticated waistband keeps everything in place, so you can focus on your workout and let the leggings do their job.

    How to wear high waisted leggings

    Whether you opt for black high waisted leggings which level up pretty much any look, or colourful high waisted leggings available in a range of shades from pastel to bright with prints, you can dress them easily.

    You could pair your high waisted leggings with a matching sports bra which will keep you cool during a sweaty session and allow you to show off the enhanced fit. Or you could style it with an oversized hoodie for a comfy casual look that’s perfect for outside the gym.

    How you style your high waisted gym leggings is totally up to you, but our selection of clothing is sure to have something that will perfectly complement your look.

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