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Scrunch Bum Shorts

9 Products

Highlight your assets and feel confident working out with our scrunch bum shorts.

9 Products
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    Scrunch Bum Shorts

    Our scrunch bum shorts are crafted with seamless stretch fabric that allows you full freedom of movement, whilst the sweat-wicking finishes help to keep you dry, allowing you to lift and squat comfortably, with minimal distractions. The high waisted fit offers figure-flattering lifting support and the ribbed waistbands stay put. Choose from a range of colours, patterns, and lengths to really make your gym ‘fit your own.

    What are scrunch bum shorts?

    Like scrunch bum leggings, ruched bum shorts have a special seam or stitching between the contours of the bum. This accentuates the shape of the buns as the fabric gathers where the buttocks separate, pulling the material slightly to show off those hard-earned glutes.

    How are scrunch bum shorts different to regular gym shorts?

    Unlike regular gym shorts, scrunch bum shorts use this special sewing technique where the material pinches just in between the buttocks. Regular gym shorts use a regular seam and stitching technique that doesn’t create a ruched effect and instead smooths over the buns.

    What is the purpose of scrunch bum shorts?

    Scrunch shorts are designed to contour and lift your bum. They’re perfect for leg day and you’ll look and feel great through every squat and lunge.

    Are scrunch shorts uncomfortable?

    We know what you’re thinking when you ask this question. But don’t worry, whilst they may take a bit of getting used to, our bum scrunch shorts don’t feel like you’ve got a permanent wedgie.