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Running Shorts

36 Products

Our men's running shorts offer a range of key features that contribute to comfort, style and running performance. Lightweight materials, quick-drying fabrics, anti-chafing designs and a variety of versatile, on-trend designs mean there's no shortage of options when it comes to your running shorts.

36 Products
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    Men's Running Shorts

    Our collection of men's running shorts has something for everyone, whether you’re working your way up to a 5k or training for an ultra-marathon. Our men's running shorts come in a range of lengths, including 3” and 5”, and you can also choose from a range of colours and styles. Shop the essentials of black and grey, which go with any look, or even add a splash of colour for something a little more adventurous.

    Our collection of men's running shorts are created to keep you comfortable, limit distractions and help you to stay focused on achieving that new PB. You can move freely with every stride thanks to lightweight materials that have a barely-there feel.

    Ventilation is an absolute necessity when it comes to your running shorts, it could be the difference between smashing your run or not enjoying it at all. Our running shorts are designed to be breathable, even when you are struggling for breath, and sweat-wicking materials help to draw sweat away form your skin, keeping you feeling cool and dry.

    Our men’s running shorts are designed with performance in mind. Split seams allow for increased movement and flex, keeping you comfortable when you’re clocking up the miles. Drawcord waistbands keep your shorts firmly in place, so there's no slipping down with each step. Look out for design features that take it step further, such as reflective branding for extra visibility, or pockets that allow you to run hands-free.

    What type of shorts are best for running?

    You might be wondering, with all the options available, what are the best shorts for running? Well, each style has its own benefits.

    Tighter running shorts can sit like a second skin, moving with you. This makes them popular as they can help reduce chafing as the material stays fixed in place. On the other hand, loose shorts can offer increased airflow due to the space between your skin and the shorts, and design-wise some prefer the looser fit. If you’re looking for the protection of tight shorts, but want to be slightly more covered, you may find our 2-in-1 running shorts perfect, as they contain an inner fitted pair of shorts too. So you can avoid chafing whilst also having peace of mind that you’re adequately covered.

    Some find that short shorts are ideal for running, such as 3 inches, because there is less material around your legs, offering more freedom of movement with every stride. 2 in 1 shorts are also a running essential, especially if you’re not too comfortable wearing short shorts, as the inner layer provides that extra layer of cover.