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Running Tops for Women

Women's running tops

Upgrade your running wardrobe with our tops for running that will help you perform at your best whilst looking great doing so. Our running t-shirts are designed with fabrics that move with you, so you can step out of your comfort zone with clothes that have your back.

From materials that stay breathable – even when you’re struggling for breath. To lightweight fabrics that won’t weigh you down, helping every mile feel like light work. Your running shirt should help you stay cool and dry, which is where our sweat wicking materials come in handy as they draw sweat away from your skin. So, whether you’re clocking miles in marathon training or getting a in a light jog on a summer’s day, you can do so comfortably.

Step outside your comfort zone with running t-shirts that are designed to perform with you. With durable designs that are always up for the challenge, whether you’re clocking up miles in ultra marathon training or trying to get your 5k speed up, you can rely on our tops which are built to perform time and time again.

Choose from a variety of styles and find the running tops that will have you feeling great, with the confidence needed to tackle the route ahead. You might opt for a black running shirt, which is a wardrobe staple. Or you might express your style with vibrant purples, deep blues or graphic prints. We have a range of sleeve options, from long sleeve running shirts offer some protection from the winter elements, to short sleeve women’s running shirts that can allow you to feel increased airflow and the sun on your skin.

You can also find a range a range of functional features, from reflective logos that help with visibility when running at night, to zips that help with temperature regulation as you run.

Do running tops make a difference?

Absolutely. Running t-shirts are carefully designed to ensure you stay comfortable throughout your run. You will feel the difference that breathable, lightweight and durable materials make, as they limit any distractions, helping you perform better.

Should women’s running tops be loose or tight?

This is really down to preference, as each has their own set of benefits. A tight running top will fit like a second skin, the material should be snug to limit rubbing and chafing. Our tight running shirts can also be figuring flattering, helping you to show off the figure you work so hard for.

If you didn’t want your running top fitting tightly against your skin, a loose running shirt may be more suitable. These can offer a little more coverage as well as increased airflow due to the looser fabric.

How to wear a running top

On a warm day, you can wear your running shirt on its own with a pair of Running Shorts, which is perfect for keeping cool. Or on colder days, you can wear your running shirt over base layers. As we know how unpredictable the weather can be, you may want to layer up with a leggings or gilet, as these can insulate heat and then be removed when you get warm.

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