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Women's High Support & High Impact Sports Bras

Explore our collection of high impact sports bras, designed to offer you the support you need to power through the most intense workouts with minimal distractions. Our high support sports bras are carefully crafted to keep your breasts in place through every jump, squat and burpee.

High support sports bra features

Our high impact sports bras feature a range of technologies to support your most intense workouts. Breathable and sweat-wicking materials allow you to really push yourself while remaining cool and dry and adjustable straps ensure you get just the right fit. Our sports bras also feature moulded cups to help your breasts stay put, and mesh panels are for better ventilation.

Dual cup sizing

Most of our high support sports bras also come with dual cup sizing. As many of us know, it isn’t uncommon for your bra size to fluctuate from weight gain or our cycles, so that’s why our dual cup sizing is perfect. Whether you’re in-between sizes or not totally sure on your size, you can still find a high impact sports bra that will have your back.

What is a high impact sports bra?

A High impact sports bras is a sports bra designed for high intensity workouts, such as HIIT training, functional workouts, and cardio, also known as high support sports bras, they are also ideal for larger busts as the extra level of support can help to keep your breasts secure.

Can you wear a high impact sports bra all day?

Absolutely! You can wear a high impact sports bra all day as they combine functionality and style. You can feel comfortable wearing them all day, whether that’s to run errands or to meet up for a coffee with friends.

What is the difference between low impact and high impact sports bras?

The difference between low impact and high impact sports bras is the support you receive. High impact sports bras are specifically designed for more strenuous and rigorous activity that require much more movement. For activities such as yoga, walking, and lighter lifting sessions,, you may find our  low and  medium support sports bras are more suitable as they offer a little more flex through each movement.

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